I am Steve Grant Cooper, My legacy, Born in Mona Vale

I am Steve Grant Cooper. My legacy. Born in Mona Vale Hospital, Sydney, NSW Australia.

I was raised in Avalon Beach by my great parents, Rose and Des Cooper. I had no idea how lucky I was to live in a perfect seaside town on Sydney’s Northern Beaches Pittwater Peninsula.

Although my school wasn’t without bullies, I am holding no regrets to their abuse of my passive attitude and outlook. They’ve all probably grown up to be great parents, hoping they are, anyway.

I started to realise I was born with a talent

When I was growing up, I started to realise I was born with a talent.

Born at the hands of God, I was able to break up syllables from several words to construct and create unique sounds that could help police lock up child abusers, rapists, and murderers.

When my unique words are uttered in ear shot of the suspect, a look of guilt will cast over their face. This is implied guilt.

Am I worried about Gangs?

Am I worried about Gangs? I have no reason to be. Gang members are guilty by default, and my unique words change nothing for them. They should have no reason to harm me.

Steve Grant Cooper

How these unique words are used in the field?

How these unique words are used in the field is to shortlist a large number of suspects, say 600, to 20 within a year or two instead of 20 years that conventional circumstancial investigations would normally take. Also it’s effective to speedily get emergency search warrants in case of imminent danger to community.

Steve Grant Cooper, and my autobiography

Steve Grant Cooper, and my autobiography. A story of triumph, treading lightly on the darker side of life to ensure the full merit of the words, and very nearly being taken by the devil for over 35 years.

I risked everything for this country that I call home – Australia. So far I have received no payment for my work.

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