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Steve Cooper is the creator of a unique wordsmith theory

Steve Cooper is the creator of a unique wordsmith theory. It is designed to help our communities to be a safe place for our children and families. Ensuring improved outcomes for policing in circumstances of rape, murder, and pedophilia.

A combination of two or three words

The wordsmith theory that Steve Cooper created is a combination of two or three words to create a unique word. Like ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’ could be combined to create the word frenemy. The words that Steve Cooper has created are useful when uttered to the suspect within ear shot that will have them cast a look of guilt over their face. This is implied guilt, and further circumstancial investigations are recommended to pursue for future positive outcomes.

Humanity of our communities

Steve Cooper is dedicated to the humanity of our communities throughout Australia, and further abroad. He has created the theory from over forty years of his life experience that also incured great sacrafice. As he needed to tread lightly on the darker side of life to ensure the full merit of the unique crime fighting words.

Gangs would not need to harm me

I have no concern that gangs would not need to harm me. Since gang members are guilty by default, then they actually have no reason to fear my wordsmith creations.

Steve Cooper

For years Steve Cooper suffered a miserable existence

To be successful at creating the unique words I had to be determined to succeed. For years Steve Cooper suffered a miserable existence. I was unemployable, unable to make meaningful and emotionally connected friendships, and lived in poverty.

It wasn’t until I succeeded in delivering the theory in 2010/11 that I was able to start my journey back from the dark side. It was forty years of suffering. I was unhappy, emotionally disconnected, unemployable, and forever being looked at by police for fraud crimes to ensure the theory’s full merit.

How my attitude has changed

Now, how my attitude has changed, after the successful delivery of the theory in 2010/11. Then being welcomed back into the arms of Jesus with forgiveness. I have now realised the only difference between the Steve Cooper of now and of him before is my attitude. I still have the same heart, and with a different and more temperate mood my empathy and compassion became much more evident.

Steve Cooper

With the progess of my new attitude then for the first time in forty years I discovered and realised that my working full time for long term projects was amazingly and somehow possible. Instead of working hard in sprints and failing, falling off the workers spiral in to a disability heap I am able to work longer forever.

I have now proven I can work for the marathon as the normal approach to success. That’s success for my outcomes, not only communties accross the country both locally and abroad.

However, when I was a child I feel I had no choice but to ensure the best outcome for humanity by proceeding with the theory. I still hold this view, even though today my early retirement plans are completely ruined. It seems apparent I will never be paid for my work.

Will Steve Cooper be remembered in history?

Will Steve Cooper be remembered in history? Against all odds, I have luckily come through to the light of Jesus without causing the death of anyone by infuence. For years I always said killing someone is a big step. Its become clear to me that for years I’ve been testing God, in Jesus name. Since I’d setup matters of influence, to see if Jesus wanted me to go to hell. Somehow, even over years of evil influence, no one got seriously hurt.

As I was growing up, I discovered the most important outcome for my work was for me to be remembered in history. It wasn’t the money, nor the fame.

Although the original plan was to be anonymous. To keep the theory secure. It seems powerful forces are at play here. Not only is Jesus the most supreme and powerful. The devil has his hand in demise of my great and future plans to become an avangalist.

You can find the full story with my authobiography, yet to be released.

What is Steve Cooper working on atm?

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